NOTE: A list of essential uptempo/driving Phil Collins songs can be found here.

1. “In The Air Tonight” from Face Value (1981)

Sheet Music:

2. “Another Day In Paradise” from …But Seriously (1989)

Sheet Music:

3. “Against All Odds” from Against All Odds (1984)

Sheet Music:

4. “You’ll Be In My Heart” from Tarzan (1999)

Sheet Music:

5. “One More Night” from No Jacket Required (1985)

Sheet Music:

6. “I Wish It Would Rain Now” from …But Seriously (1989)

Sheet Music:

7. “That’s Just the Way It Is” from …But Seriously (1989)

Sheet Music:

8. “Seperate Lives” (with Marilyn Martin) from White Knights (1985)

Sheet Music:

9. “Everyday” from Both Sides (1994)

Sheet Music:

10. “Do You Remember?” from …But Seriously (1989)

Sheet Music:


Kevin Michael Jones

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