NOTE: A list of essential uptempo/driving Carole King songs can be found here.

1. “So Far Away” from Tapestry (1971)

Sheet Music:

2. “You’ve Got a Friend” from Tapestry (1971)

Sheet Music:

3. “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?” from Tapestry (1971)

Sheet Music:

4. “(You Make Me Feel) Like A Natural Woman” from Tapestry (1971)

Sheet Music:

5. “Home Again” from Tapestry (1971)

Sheet Music:

6. “Child Again” from Writer (1970)

Sheet Music:

7. “Oh No Not My Baby” from Pearls: Songs of Goffin and King (1980)

Sheet Music:

8. “Now and Forever” from Colour of Your Dreams (1993)

Sheet Music:

9. “You Can Do Anything” from Love Makes the World (2001)

Sheet Music:

10. “Up on the Roof” from Writer (1970)

Sheet Music:


Kevin Michael Jones

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